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7” kitchen knife with oak and green inlay

7” kitchen knife with oak and green inlay

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This all new 7” kitchen knife is designed to feel and perform in and beyond the kitchen. Upgraded to 1/8” thick steel with a higher grind for my kitchen cutlery. This allows for an overall tough tool for food prep. My list of tasks for this knife would be large. AEB-L high carbon steel has become a shop favorite. Edge retention, toughness, and fine grain structure caught my eyes when searching for the best cutlery steel for home and commercial cooks. Decorated with an oak handle, green spacer inlay and brass loveless bolts. Hand selected domestic hardwoods are used in the Forge and Foundry shop. A tough handle is a high priority for the knives i send out the door. 

Cutting edge: 7.25”

handle length: 4.5"

blade thickness: 1/8”

Main bevel: 2 degrees

final edge angle: 15 degrees

weight: 7.4 oz